Lia Kalforian: “A massive thanks for everything, really. It personally helped me
an unimaginable amount. Thanks for being so supportive and kind. Yesterday was
fantastic; it was so fun talking with you. It has been an amazing journey; I
will always cherish my WTR experience!”

Joe Bejjani: “Thank you for everything! Grateful for every moment I shared with
you, for every conversation, and every inspiration we got from you. It started
off as WTR August 4, now we remember much more: the amazing people we met and
the beautiful memories we shared.”

Rita Mhanna: “The fourth of August is near, and for once, I think of it with a
subtle smile! But what is more than that is that WE have a song. WTR, I guess
nothing can express how much I thank you.”

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“Forever grateful for this project. I write to remember, to release that energy, to cry, to laugh, and to live. WTR, thank you for providing me this space and the opportunity.” Alyag Momjian