Artistic Expressions

"The explosion of August 4th splattered paint of chaos onto the canvas of our city. As we drive on the highway adjacent to the port, we look at the destroyed port, the way one looks at a violent car crash: with a mixture of mesmerization and horror. From the ash and dust to the shards of metal containers, all the way to the decimated buildings, the details that strike me the most are the cranes. They are in every picture, haunting the once life-sustaining harbor. They remind me of skeletons, the bony structure of a lifeless city. While the martyrs’ souls rest in Heaven, I imaged the cranes reaching up above the clouds, towards a blood-red sky, carrying with them the soul of my deceased Beirut." - Joyce Al Hayek.



“Broken faces, broken windows, a broken country. Yet hope, faith, and strength are plenty. Yes, Beirut fell down, but will it remain down? Of course not. And that’s what is keeping us motivated; to make Beirut stand up again like it was before. بيروت will rise again. “ - Sarine Hallajian
Originally submitted for a call for artistic pieces by Dar Chayban “لبيروت" for Culture and Arts after the August 4th port blast.