Dolly Khattar

A fresh breeze hugged my face.
The waves kissed my left foot
and the sound of leaves caressing each other
reached my right ear.
Utter confusion.
My eyes were appalled.
Optimism waved at me from the right
whereas darkness mesmerized me
from the left.
I could feel my heart being torn apart.
Which leg should take the lead?
The right one will guide me onto a beautiful green field
where the scenery promised a bright view.
The left one will immerse me under a sea that has always been
a vision in my future.
Nevertheless, deception hovered above the one
I was offered.
Another breeze passed by and lowered my eyes to the path.
That lonely path doesn’t belong to any third leg,
Confusion lingered on
and questioned me.
Should the breeze hold your hand backward in its direction?
Or will you force yourself upon it forward?
One desire aroused a lake in my eyes.
Peace of mind.
My heart questioned me now.
Do you have the courage
to walk through one of those
four mystic lives?
Amidst the turmoil,
my eyes saw the moon
shining on the ceiling.
I figured it was a dream,
still the solution didn’t clarify itself.
Not yet.