Different, Yet Similar

Alyag Momjian

Different, yet similar. Look around. We are different, places around us are different, yet we seek to find similarities in various things. Opening our windows in the morning, to have that morning breeze touch our faces through our hair, to breathe the fresh air, to inhale, to exhale, to get prepared for that day. We look at the streets, at how crowded they will get in just a matter of minutes, to think of those driving their cars, to create scenarios in our heads about them, of how different they are, yet similar. We go interact, we see people, diverse individuals, might all be at the same place, but wondering different thoughts. On the other side, you spot those two, making eye contacts, smiling, hesitating to say a word, perhaps strolling through the same thoughts in their minds, but yet, hesitating to speak. At the same time, that old couple sitting in the coziest position, starring at each other with those sparkly eyes, those eyes where love lives, where everything stays as it is, where love does not grow old, where it only gets better, ages like a fine wine. 

Similar, yet different. We view the same object and see different things, have different perspectives, we start wondering widely. Some come up with a meaning to a piece and link it with joy and hope, while others click with the same piece from a different angle, linking it to a broken heart. Sometimes we express the same way, despite having words which can literally translate our thoughts in different ways, despite the huge variety of words in the dictionaries, we use the same words, we relate, sometimes with a twist, in one way or another, in a mesmerizing way. The beauty of expressing vividly, having an ear who listens, shares, with no judgements in return, the beauty of finding different human beings who are facing different circumstances, but finding correlations and turning those differences into similarities. Look at you, going through different challenges in life, having bright and colorful days, having dull and pale days, attracting different souls, different faces, different personalities, different stories, yet putting effort to find a thing in common. Look at you, embracing your differences as beauty in different forms, turning them into art, poetry, music, laughter and tears. Look at you, at yourself, the human within you, the story your eyes tell, the jewellery you wear, every piece of you has a story. Are these differences even differences, or are they just some similarities in other forms? 

We try to find common things, we declare beauty when we find them, yet nothing satisfies us, human beings, we figure out ways to be unpleased. We find ways to let things go, and when differences are familiar to us, they confuse us, are we supposed to move on or accept and carry them with us? Move on, and everytime you feel like you are losing hope, remember that there is so much to look forward to. Remember that love exists, that love will make an appearance from hidden places. Remember that there is goodness and kindness in this world, because look at you. Look forward to get lost, to experience safety in new places, to find a home in people, to love, to smile and to feel secure. Look at life, beauty is not rare, it is everywhere. Different, yet similar.