Hala Daouk


Hala Adnan Daouk has been an instructor in the English program at the Lebanese American University since 2004. She teaches both writing and Literature courses, in addition to teaching in the English intensive program.

Her Master’s thesis examined how three female protagonists from three different cultures can achieve freedom and self-actualization within the limitations of the private space. In fact, this topic has been an interest, and she tries to incorporate more texts written by women or about women within the literature courses she teaches, focusing on the representation of women and how women challenge the existing stereotypes.

She previously tutored at the LAU Writing Center and served as the assistant director from 2017 until 2020. She finds tutoring very rewarding as it provides students with a chance to look at their writing from another perspective. She is a board member of the International Writing Centers Association (IWCA) and the Middle East and North Africa Writing Centers Association (MENAWCA). She is also currently the MENAWCA representative in the IWCA board. She recently won a grant, with other MENAWCA members, from the IWCA to conduct research to create a database for writing centers in the MENA region.