My Beloved Beirut

Sarine Hallajian

It was a casual Tuesday
A bright and beautiful day
Everything seemed to be okay
Somehow, I started to pray.
The light had changed to dark
This had to be a joke.
For no reason at all,
I couldn’t see or talk.
Was this a dream?
Hoping the lights would beam.
Oh God, no.
I felt the time was near,
But nothing was clear.
I saw people screaming
But why couldn’t I hear a thing?
Why were people crying?
Why was there blood on the building?
Well basically, an explosion had just occurred
At the heart of my beloved Beirut.
A massacre of my root
Till this day no one is cured
August 4, 2020
My heart is empty, but it still feels heavy.
I wish upon many
That one day we will find peace and be happy…