On That Day

Aya Taher

On August 4, 2020
My heart imploded
As Beirut witnessed an annihilation
For the chemical bomb that was loaded, exploded
The third worst to ever hit a nation
Brought the city that never sleeps to slumber
As it knocked it down to the ground
Indiscriminately dragging both stones and angels under
I still can’t unhear the sounds
Of the bomb, the people, the sirens
The glass breaking, the walls shaking and my clinking knees
All this chaos only to be followed by silence

Silence with echoes of running footsteps
Running towards what mattered all over the debris
An echo of my heart racing and the shallowness of my breath
For in that moment, it seemed like death
Was tiptoeing all around us with chances of it on the increase
The visuals … also seem to have lingered in my head
They moved from the crime scene and are visitors in my bed
I can still see the blood splattered
The glass shattered
The people scattered
It's not to be dramatic
But what happened was traumatic
On that day in Beirut both blood and tears were shed
And on that day, I declared a piece of me as dead
Till this day I’m still right there
Seeing and hearing the same mayhem
Still breathing that dusty chemical air
And no, I haven’t moved on
How can I?
When still no one is held responsible
How can I?
When as long as our rulers are that dumb, that numb
We will always be living in a ticking time bomb
How can I?
When on that dreadful day,
My heart imploded.