Alyag Momjian: “Beyond grateful for every single opportunity, for the healing through writing, and for this irreplaceable community.”

Lia Kalforian: “A massive thanks for everything, really. It personally helped me an unimaginable amount. Thanks for being so supportive and kind. Yesterday was fantastic; it was so fun talking with you. It has been an amazing journey; I will always cherish my WTR experience!”

Avedis Khshvajian: “This experience I had is something indescribably special. It is thanks to you that I had an experience which made me also develop personally, to see things from a different perspective. It is a pleasure to meet each and every single one of you; I feel proud to be part of this beautiful project. Cheers to carrying on as write to remember.”

Emma Sleiman: “The ceremony was something precious. I just loved everything; every part of the workshops and the community that was precious. We hope we can continue with that and stay in touch with the group of participants. I love you all so so much! Thank you for making this journey a marvelous one.”

Ahmad Al Hafi: “First of all, I want to thank Anita, Paula, Hala and Serine for giving us this beautiful opportunity to express ourselves on paper. While I was not directly affected by the tragedy, it had done a deal to my patriotic spirit, and it felt really great to see that patriotic spirit in Lebanon still lives in each and everyone being an organizer or participant. I want to thank all participants for becoming my friends, colleagues, for expressing such beautiful thoughts, expressing their pain, being vulnerable, and generally giving us a good time in the workshops. I enjoyed every single workshop I attended. I hope that the WTR group still carries on as write to remember. Thank you all for everything. I hope you enjoyed the songs of groups 1 and 2; something that will represent us all to the outside world.”

Marian Wakimian: “Already, the workshops make a difference by inspiring other people. All my gratitude for this amazing group. Thank you for everything.”

Joe Bejjani: “Thank you for everything! Grateful for every moment I shared with you, for every conversation, and every inspiration we got from you. It started off as WTR August 4, now we remember much more: the amazing people we met and the beautiful memories we shared.”

Aya Taher: “Thank you Write to Remember for this amazing and loving journey.”

Rita Mhanna: “The fourth of August is near, and for once, I think of it with a subtle smile! But what is more than that is that WE have a song. WTR, I guess nothing can express how much I thank you.”

Vicky Saade: “WTR gave me the opportunity to express myself.”

Yasmina El Zein: “It was really nice finally meeting everyone. Looking forward for more and more! Thank you for this amazing opportunity.”

Sylvie Tatoian: “It was amazing at its finest; I love you all.”