Lia Kalforian
“I just wanted to say you were all so brave and incredible today! I feel honored just sitting in the room with such great minds<3 Also a big thank you to those who organized the event since I didn’t get the chance to say thank you in person! Looking forward to open mic 2.”

Joe Bejjani
“Many thanks for this beautiful event! Hearing about each other’s experiences through writings was surely eye opening and opened my heart to more compassion and empathy. To every person involved in making this project see the light, thank you!”

Joyce Al Hayek
“Thank you for sharing your poems; they were truly touching; thank you for being so supportive, too. I am thankful that the workshop gave me such a beautiful support system.”

Aya Taher
“Thank you so much for this opportunity to share our bare feelings and works in such a supportive community that you built.”

Jana Salloum
“Thank you so much for this wonderful experience! I am glad that I met you all today and listened to your stories and wonderful words. To many more!”

Alicia Ishkhanian
“Thank you for giving us this opportunity to meet each other and share our pieces.”

Michaella Sabagh
“All of you who read your writings - you were amazing. ❤️”

Tamer Khatib
“Thank you so much for this event ❤️❤️ and everyone was amazing.”

Alyag Momjian
“Thank you so much; this event meant a lot to me; looking forward to future ones.”

Marita Joulfayan
“Yes, thank you to everyone ❤️ It was really something special and we had a very nice time. Looking forward to the next thing.”

Avedis Khshvajian
“Thank you very much indeed; the event was awesome and extremely inspiring!”

Paula Habre
“Thank you for being there and letting us hear your young voices; you are our hope and your support to one another and your collective spirit is remarkable.”

Anita Moutchoyan
“It was great to wake up today in a reflective mood of the memory we made yesterday. I have no idea how we got so lucky to create the community we did! We thank each one of you for pouring your hearts out yesterday and for those who showed up for support. Let us have an even more empowering second phase of the project as we move forward. Much love to all of you.”

Serine Jaafar
“Proud of you all!”

Hala Daouk
“We are so delighted that you had such an experience! This project is yours. One of our aims was to create this space for you! We thank you for making it so beautiful with your work and your participation. We encourage you to connect more, through this group and this community you formed. We look forward to seeing what you will do next.”