The Thought of Safety

Yasmin Saheli

It will ache, this brutal and unrealistic fact of you being in danger, the danger of uncertainty and broken glasses.

It’s a violence against yourself. It’s a spiritual, inner self cracking.

But to close your eyes and to think it's safe, is a bravery. Unfortunately, this fearlessness, this grand ambitious to change the seasons may reach us to the uncontrollable unknown. Yes uncertainty! But maybe a beautiful and safe one.

To when I closed my eyes again and thought of this safe place. Of my home and my people. I felt peace.

Gathered around the ones you love, around the cousin I sent my kisses to him through the winds and the prayers I prayed for us to meet again. 

Blessed to say, God’s destiny speaks it all. 

Blessed to say, we are thankful for what we have, what we will have, and what we won’t have. 

Uncertainty may be scary, but in order for us to have peace from our grand mountains and for our oceans to make us restless for the poetry we read and songs we write, we should stick and stay. We should fight and rise, protect and build, and sometimes we should break to build again. By that, I mean it’s okay to place our dreams on the bedroom shelf for now and start thinking realistically because at the right time, the dreams will fly to us away from that dusty shelf as we worked hard for them unconsciously, and by the unseen, spiritual and magical connection of this world.