Written Submissions

Author Title

Joe Bejjani

Shattered Glass

Sarine Hallajian

 The Unexplainable Trauma

Reef Aman Eddine


The Beach

Tamer Khatib

The Land That Was Destroyed

Dolly Khattar


What Then?

Yasmina El Zein

Remembering Beirut

Alyag Momjian

 Everything Happens for a Reason

Marian Wakimian

Props of a Tragedy

Aya Taher

A Homeless’ Home Loss

On That Day

Alicia Ishkhanian



Vicky Saade

 Some Leftover Sentiments

Michaella Sabagh

Beirut: Before, During, and After

Riwa Doughan


The Day the World Ended

Jana Salloum


Lia Kalforian


A Matter of Seconds

Avedis Khshvajian

Mortified Soul

Emma Sleiman

Back to Sand

Krikor Ankeshian

The Port Explosion

Maha Mansour

A Kid Named Beirut

Nahla Bassyouni

6:08 Reflection

Serouj Terzian

Broken Flame

Sylvie Tatoian

Beirut, The One-Winged Phoenix

Tomorrow, I’ll Ask Again

Yasmin Ismail Dit Saheli


Marc Abi Aad

Escape Schemes

Rita Mhanna


Joelle Ibrahim

What If

Elodie Salloum

The City of Flames, Beyrouth

Elsa Abdallah

For Beirut

Joyce Al Hayek

Tik Tik Boom

6:07PM, 04/08/2021

Ahmad Al Hafi

The Fade

Marita Joulfayan

Worthlessness, Pain, or Despair